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Whether you are a backyard basher, or a serious racer, you need to have quality parts at competitive prices. Our intention is not to stock every single item for everyone's hobby, but rather to concentrate on the serious oval racer's needs. You won't find airplanes, trains, rockets, model cars, or other hobbies here. We can order those, but we have chosen to specialize in all the needs for the oval racer. Of course, some products obviously crossover to other markets. Things like batteries, chargers, paints, and similar items can be used by a wide array of hobbyists. We can order most any part that you can imagine, no matter what your interest may be. Please see our current product line of manufacturers that we have discounted pricing through. If there is anything that you need, please feel free to call on us. We are a full time shop with a knowledgable staff here to help you.


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